Twitter Marketing

A classmate of mine regards this social media as the largest job board in the world. Twitter as a social media has become the fastest growing place to find people on the web. Since the turn of 2009 Twitter has out-paced Facebook with new members and placed itself out of the introduction phase of the classic evolution of a business. As far as being the largest job board in the world this claim may have some validity.

My perspective of the twitter environment has taken a different role. I use the service as trading tool. This may qualify as definition of a job board. Each minute of the day is a derivative if the twitter API where $$ link us into a stream we can share personal comments of the global markets and trading on a second by second basis. This the closest thing I have seen to floor trading without actually leaving the house. I believe any person who is interested in trading in the global markets must take a look at streams of participants by utilizing twitter.

As an entrepreneur I use twitter in every business plan as a marketing essential. For example, my latest adventure of building a hot sandwich lunch shop has the ability to blend into the urban lunch landscape, but the coupons sent over the twitter wire give our customers the ability to get a deal for being a follower of our operations.

One of my personally favorite aspects of the tool is the speed of knowledge transformation. My web design career has exponentially grown by following the gurus of the business. Millions of people everyday are posting hacks and teaching tutorials to assist those who want to learn. Inspiration is plentiful.

Finally, it should be noted there now hundreds of way to explore and use this tool. Tweet Deck is my preferred application interface for it allows me to view organized streams of tweet much like lists of stock prices. It would be possible to write a single blog post on just the application interfaces to use twitter, but because I am incredibly happy with tweet deck right now I shall save it for another time.

If knowledge is power twitter is creating super giants out of its users by creating a massive pool of jobs, learning tools, and opportunities for investors and business owners.

Stay hedged, stay happy,

Margin of Safety

Young Americans are smarter than their parents and have no idea how to manage their money.

My parents are not the collegiate super stars in finance I wish they may have been. They don’t drive 700 series BMWs and endure the finest jewels of MOMA. They do on the other hand have a collective of 50 years of home ownership under their belts. My mother was in her first home by the time she was 19 and my father just over 21. Of course their decision to get married and start a family before middle twenties turned disastrous as divorce loomed. They don’t have strikingly hudge pensions, but now thirty years later my father is retired at the age of 48 and my mother spends more time tending her garden and taking care of grandchildren than working a 9-5 for somebody else.

I look around at my high school classmates, work colleagues on Facebook and maybe three out of ten are home owners. Only about 1 out 10 are self employed, and those self employed are sucking big time after the 2008 crash smacked all precedence out of cocked hat. We have already, or are acquiring, our undergraduate degrees and many of the peer we have are breeding. This could be that my perspective while I write is from the Midwest. My point is this: how are we preparing ourselves to compete globally, and as a generation if we are not doing anything to secure a financial future.

Most young Americans have little knowledge about finance and this becomes an unfortunate dilemma for our generation. Most I have noticed are immune the thoughts which require addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Can you add without a calculator? Forget multiplication most Millennials won’t even touch it. If we are lacking the basic arithmetic skill how can we ever understand topics like interest rates inflation – crucial elements to making wealth work for you.

Aside from saving at least 10% of every dollar you bring into your house hold go find an asset you may be interested in purchasing. Not a home or a house for you to live in but an asset that will make you money whether you do something to it or not. Go and open a brokerage account with your financial institution, take a class on buy distressed properties, or go an auction and starting looking something you know how to restore or has value to a market you know. Mostly take a minute to think about your financial future and how you would like to be spending your time. Working for yourself or cutting yourself short by working for others in an uncertain world.

Stay hedged, stay happy,

Margin of safety