60 percent of Massachusetts voters agree that Massachusetts voters deserve higher pay

The results are in and 60 percent of Massachusetts voters agreed that Massachusetts voters should be paid for up to 80 hours of extra time each year if the voter or someone in the voter’s family is sick (see Question 4). It seems almost too easy. Ask people to vote on whether or not they should get paid more. I’m sort of surprised that we haven’t seen (and passed) ballot questions on giving ourselves 8 weeks of paid vacation annually, a company car, and other executive-level perks.

Who among us does not believe that he or she deserves a 10-percent raise?

[Separately, can sick leave as mandated by this new law function just as well as vacation days due to the fact that the employee can say “my parent was sick”? How could an employer ever verify that? After a certain amount of sick time an employer can usually ask for a doctor’s note, right? But can an employer ask for a doctor’s note regarding a relative of the employee?]

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