Best way to publish a narrated slide show?


I have about 200 images from Burning Man that I’d like to present with audio narration. I want the slides to be shown at maximum quality (i.e., I’m not sure if an MPEG video from YouTube is the best idea). I want to record the audio and the timing/sequence myself. Right now the slides are already a Google Plus album (friends who are programmers at Google: Why isn’t this a standard feature? “Add narration to an album”? Microsoft PowerPoint lets you do it, so it can’t be impossible to code.).

What’s the most practical way to do this? If worst comes to worst I guess I wouldn’t mind publishing it as a 1080p video on but even then I have to author it somehow. I do have Adobe Premiere but I feel that there should be an easier way to author. I think that if I make every photo¬†a PowerPoint slide I can have PPT export a WMV file.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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