Class D amplifier for home subwoofers?

I am experimenting with in-wall speakers in a new (sort of small) house. There are a couple of in-wall passive subwoofers that I need to drive with a power amp (since home theater receivers don’t include anything other than line-level subwoofer outputs, as far as I know). I might watch a movie once a week and therefore I don’t want to spend too much money and don’t want the IT closet heated up too much if the amp is left on. I’m wondering if a Class D amplifier if the solution. Here are some ridiculously cheap examples:

What’s wrong with this idea, if anything? Has anyone tried using one of these amps to drive a 10″ in-wall subwoofer or similar? I’m assuming that the power output numbers are completely fraudulent but I figure that even if I divide by four it will be enough power.

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