Golden opportunity for online universities: campus rape stories

The media are carrying a lot of stories about rape on campus lately. The latest is a retraction by Rolling Stone of a story about University of Virginia. The stories fall into various broad categories:

  • a high percentage of women who live on campus are being raped
  • universities falsify statistics and/or cover up rape reports
  • kangaroo courts set up by university administrators, at the behest of their federal overlords, are overly skeptical regarding rape allegations brought by women, resulting in men being wrongly acquitted
  • kangaroo courts set up by universities are insufficiently skeptical, resulting in men being wrongly convicted

If we combine the above concerns with the multi-decade trends of tuition costs outpacing inflation and parents wanting to supervise their child’s every moment (“helicopter parents”), it seems as though there is no better time to be marketing online education.

Western Governors University, for example, charges about $ 6000 per year, barely enough to pay for library coffee bar lattes at the universities that are featured in the news. Why wouldn’t they buy ad space next to stories about on-campus rape? The headline could be “Wouldn’t you rather keep your 20-year-old darlings safe at home? (and save $ 250k)”

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