Learn about the Ferguson shooting

One of my personal strategies is to ignore the most exciting news and wait until there is a New Yorker story explaining it all. It has been a year since the shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson and Jake Halpern has delivered an excellent way to catch up: “The Cop.”

Readers: What new facts did you learn from this article?

[The article touches on a couple of issues that have previously appeared in this weblog. Darren Wilson isn’t highly employable currently. How do he and his wife pay the grocery bill? The 37-year-old wife retired from her police officer job and collects a public employee pension. She previously obtained custody of two children and presumably collects Missouri child support. As has become standard for a lot of American child support plaintiffs, she secured a custody victory with a domestic violence allegation against the father of one of her children (Missouri’s child support formula makes two children more profitable when they have different fathers). What happened to the gun-carrying police officer who was patrolling some of the country’s toughest neighborhoods? “Barb testified in court that John ‘pulled my hair,’ ‘choked me,’ and ‘punched me in the face.’”]

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