Most efficient medical record system for dogs and cats: paper

I took Mindy the Crippler, PC for her 12-week veterinary appointment today. The doc wrote everything down by hand on paper to be placed in a folder. I asked “Are electronic health records popular among vets?” She responded that vets used computer systems for reminders and recording vaccinations but generally not for the full health record. “It slows everything down too much [to use a computer],” she noted.

The vet world is mostly uninfluenced by insurance companies and government, so I’m wondering if the fact that computerized records apparently don’t yield net benefits in that domain should make us skeptical that they will pay off in human medicine.

[I might add that, unlike in human medicine, Mindy the Crippler, PC was seen on timeĀ and I was able to schedule follow-up visits on dates/times that were convenient for me. What did the vet get paid? Seventy-five dollars, which is about 1/6th as much as my doctor charges as a retail rate and almost exactly the same as my doctor gets paid for an exam (see previous posting about my $ 83 checkup). The vet might be more profitable because the $ 75 was collected with a simple credit card swipe.]

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