Only the government can save us…

The Associated Press wrote a story with a headline picked up by a variety of news outlets, including “Man reported missing at sea 66 days ago found by Coast Guard”. Louis Jordan probably would have died if the $ 20 million Jayhawk helicopter funded by the taxpayers hadn’t found him, right? Both the headlined article and this article explain that a container ship, the Houston Express, spotted Jordan and took him on board. Jordan was enjoying food and drink on board the ship when the Coast Guard helicopter showed up to bring him back to a hospital (where he was quickly discharged due to nothing being wrong).

If our tax dollars don’t get the credit for this rescue then surely American ingenuity and seamanship do? Well.. it seems that the 1090′-long Houston Express is a German ship, built in South Korea.

[This is not to suggest that the Coast Guard doesn’t execute a lot of amazing rescues. I just thought the headline was an interesting window into the American journalist’s subconscious mind.]

I predict a bright future for Mr. Jordan as an EPIRB salesman.

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