Tax Freedom Day

Happy Tax Freedom Day to all of my American readers who’ve been working since January 1 to keep our local, state, and federal governments running! (Here in Massachusetts our tax burden is slightly higher than the national average so our tax freedom day will come ¬†perhaps a week later (2013 map), but to Massachusetts readers I can wish a “Happy Snow Freedom Day” as it would seem that the snow piles in shaded areas are finally gone.)

Background: Tax Foundation’s Tax Freedom Day page¬†(note that I think the Tax Foundation gets this wrong. Tax Freedom Day does not say anything about the cost of government, only about the cost of taxes. The cost of government includes explicit borrowing through bonds and deficit spending. It also includes pension commitments whose cost is unknown and/or not accounted for. We would presumably have to keep working much later if we paid for government on a current basis rather than pushing much of the cost into the future.)

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