Were we totally lame back in the old days? (comparing True Grit 2010 and 1969)

Old people (like me!) love to talk about how comparatively lame the younger generation is. But during the various Boston blizzards we managed to watch two versions of True Grit: 2010 and 1969. The older movie is, in my opinion, so cheesy by comparison that it calls into question any right that older generations have to criticize the young.

There are some parts of the old movie that I did like, e.g., the children swinging in the playground during the hanging of three criminals, and the table full of guns and ammo belts just outside the courtroom (like the pile of cell phones that they would have today). But the entire thing seemed to be filmed more or less in the middle of the day and in terrain that was not plausibly Oklahoman.

[Separately, what do gun owners think of the 1969 movie? The sheriff points her father’s pistol at Mattie as part of the process of returning it to her. John Wayne then waves the pistol around wildly on a crowded street. At the end of the movie Mattie points the gun at John Wayne while trying to hand it to him at the gravesite. I’m not a gun expert, but wouldn’t people who carry guns all day know a little more about basic safety?]

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