What children can learn from watching the Boston Marathon

We flipped on the TV about 5 minutes before the first women runners crossed the finish line in the Boston Marathon. What did the children with us learn from watching 15 minutes of coverage (enough to see both the leading men and women finish)?

  1. it is more important to hear from the 4th place finisher if she is American than from the 1st place winner if she is not American
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts is the American brand most associated with top athletic performance (logo continuously displayed on screen)
  3. the best way to run 26 miles is with a gasoline-powered motorcycle throbbing away next to your right ear (could they not use an electric motorcycle?)

Separate question for running experts: Why was this year’s race slower than in some previous years? Headwinds? Weather actually colder than optimum?

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