Why are soft serve ice cream machines so expensive?


I want to serve gourmet Latin American food at an upcoming party. By “gourmet” of course I mean Sonoran hot dogs and Toblerone McFlurry (as served in Argentina) .



To make the McFlurry I need soft serve ice cream. The only thing that I could find for home use was a Cuisinart that seems like an old Donvier with a motor to do the turning and a nozzle. I had hoped for a scaled-down version of what one sees in cafeterias. I poked around and discovered that those cost $ 6000. The question is why? How do they work? http://www.instructables.com/answers/How-do-soft-serve-icecream-machines-work/ talks about freezing, whipping, pressure, etc., which sounds complex but if the Japanese could design breadmakers to cost $ 200 why aren’t soft serve machines more affordable?

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