Charting Apple AAPL Through the 100 Dollar High

Last week I posted about “Open Air” and magnet levels in Apple – let’s update the chart now to focus our attention on the $ 100 per share level (now achieved) which has served as a floor of support.

Here’s the Daily Chart with the progression to the new highs:

First, start with a little background on the “Apple Through Value Areas/Magnet Levels” post from last week.

It targeted a distant “Magnet Area” into $ 100 as long as price remained trading above the $ 95.00 Magnet Level.

Indeed, this outcome occurred a bit faster than expected (price simply moved through an “Open Air Pocket”) and not only have shares achieved the $ 100 simple target level, but they just exceeded them strongly today.

Despite two doji reversal candles into the upper Bollinger Band this week, buyers triggered a short-squeeze and continued the multi-day rally up from $ 94.00 through $ 100.

While there were progressive negative momentum and volume divergences, buyers stepped up with higher activity during the recent August rally (green highlight).

We can see a closer perspective on the intraday chart:

Shares ended a short-term downtrend into the $ 94.00 level and thus began a powerful, “creeper” trend impulse that forced bears (short-sellers) to cover at the same time bulls (buyers) bought into the uptrend or added to current positions.

Creeper trends tend to be confusing because they don’t allow for clean entries (such as pullbacks or ‘flags’).

At this point, our simple focal point will be the $ 100 per share “floor of support” that – if broken – opens a sell-off phase toward lower levels such as the $ 98.00 gap and $ 97.00 level (or lower should the broader market reverse).

But until a reversal under $ 100 occurs in real-time, shares may be poised to continue “creeping” higher as bears buy-back to cover and bulls rush in aggressively to join this strong stock in a potential breakout impulse.

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