John Carter’s “How to Make Money in the Stock Market” Intro eBook

If you’re a brand new aspiring trader, or even an intermediate trader looking to refresh your knowledge of the basics with a new guide, then quickly grab a copy of John Carter’s new eBook ambitiously titled “How to Make Money in the Stock Market.”

Visit the Simpler Stocks intro webpage (I copied the image below) to learn more and receive your copy:

John Carter is a colleague of mine of many years and I’m an affiliate of his Simpler Stocks and Options sites.

In this stock-market centered eBook, you’ll learn the bullet-points he mentions above including

  • stock market cycles,
  • market participants (how to identify them),
  • sector rotation (a favorite strategy of mine),
  • new insights about high frequency traders, and
  • portfolio management strategies (designed for your own personal risk tolerance).

Additional chapters in the book – not mentioned above – include the Federal Reserve and its impact on the stock market and how funds invest in the market.

I just read through the material as a refresher this weekend and would indeed recommend picking up a copy.

Save it and reference it from time to time when you need a bit of refresher ideas on basic trading tactics.

Thanks to John and his team for making this and other trading education material available to us!


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