Join Me Thursday for a Special “Ten Tips for Trading Trend Days” Live Webinar!

I’m very excited about a special upcoming opportunity with Trader Kingdom where I’ll collect my experiences and examples and share those with you in a live educational webinar entitled “Ten Tips for Trading Trend Days.”

Pardon the purposeful alliteration but you’ll learn valuable tips and tactics for trading my favorite type of intraday environment – one that trips up so many new traders.

We’ll kick it off Thursday at 3:30 CST!

I’m also thankful to be the featured expert at Trader Kingdom for the month of May!

We’ll focus on indicators (which to emphasize and which to remove from your charts), set-ups, and strategies for recognizing and – more importantly – profiting efficiently from these powerful events.

They happen in stocks, ETFs, futures – anything that can trend can develop a trend day.

The information is free and I use these strategies whenever the market throws a Trend Day our way.

Join us live to learn how you can benefit right away from learning these time-tested, simple strategies.

Thanks to the team at Trader Kingdom and Ninja Trader for their ongoing commitment to trader education.


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