Simpler Stocks Webinar on Trading ETFS for Profit and Protection

John Carter is launching a new, specific venture for you entitled “Simpler Stocks” as a sister site to his option-specific “Simpler Stocks” site and he’s conducting a new webinar entitled “Trading ETFs for Protection, Profit, and Peace of Mind” – or simply titled “The Three P’s” Presentation!

The “Protection, Profit, and Peace of Mind” webinar will be live August 19th at 8:00pm EST:

The image above will link you directly to the registration page where you’ll just need to provide your first name and email to register for the new training.

You’ll need to register for this webinar even if you’ve attended similar webinars with John Carter in the past or through Simpler Options educational content.

When I first started trading, I traded individual stocks and then transitioned into sector then broader market ETFs.

I’m excited to see what John will be offering the trading community as he simplifies his strategies for using ETFs for income and profit goals.

I’m a long-time student and now colleague (and affiliate) of John Carter’s work and am thrilled to support him in this new endeavor.


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