Wednesday Webinar: Five Step Checklist for Finding the Next Hedge Fund Darling Stocks

This should be an interesting, can’t miss webinar!

John Carter is providing for us a free webinar entitled “The Five Step Checklist to Find the Next Hedge Fund Darlings!

I’ve seen a preview of the webinar and I’m a big fan of my colleague John’s work so I’ll be attending this one as well!

John will be sharing a formula for scanning and finding key stocks that are about to break onto the radars of Hedge Fund managers – remember most can’t buy stocks under $ 10.00 – and how to buy stocks under accumulation from these larger funds.

He’ll outline a specific checklist you can start using right away and when to add these potential big winners to your growing portfolio.

It’s free and just requires an email registration – hop on over now and get ready for this exciting webinar!

Thanks to John and his team for making these events available to us in the trading community.


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