What’s Behind the Big Trade?

Last year, John Carter made over one million dollars trading Tesla (TSLA) in a single day and he definitely promoted his success with this event (as would I!).

John’s sharing the steps he took and what made this stock such a lucrative trading vehicle and candidate, and how options allowed him to score this elusive big win.

There’s the picture of the account from a screen-cap of the video John is providing to you.

Entitled “What’s Behind the Big Trade,” John details how it happened and how you can take some of the same steps with similar candidates in the future.

Specifically, John will be sharing with you the following:

1. How he made that now-famous million dollar trade (wow)

2. The number one goal of every trader so you can consistently make money trading

3. The difference between trading for income and trading for account growth

4. Why you don’t want to put it all on one big trade because you can have consistent account growth

5. The best vehicle – according to John – that you can use to grow an account fast

6. Examples of trades made this year that you could have used to grow your account

I’m a colleague and affiliate and strong supporter (as you know) of John Carter and Simpler Options and am happy to share this free video link with you.

Thanks to John for taking the time to share what led up to this real-world success and how we can seek to replicate it as best as possible.


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