“The Future is Female”: Women’s March in Boston 2018

I happened to be driving by the Cambridge Common on Saturday just as a “women’s march” was officially starting. Attendance was limited, with crowd covering only about one third of the Common (so the local media used a tight shot to make it look like it was jammed; see boston.com for example). I assumed that there was a big march over in Boston proper (on the vastly larger Boston Common) and that this was just a local march for people insufficiently outraged to ride a few stops on the Red Line. But it turned out that Cambridge was the official location for anyone #Resisting in the Boston area.

The boston.com story is interesting because it says that a top state official, Maura Healey, “wore a T-shirt that read The Future is Female.’” I understand that the majority of voters are women, but I wonder what would happen if a politician anywhere in the U.S. had worn a T-shirt reading “The Future is Male.”

[Separately, Healey “referenced the many lawsuits her office has filed against the Republican president’s administration over the past year.” (no mention that Massachusetts taxpayers get to pay for legal fees on both sides of any such lawsuit!).]

Here’s an image from a Facebook friend in Manhattan. It seems that marchers in New York were more cash-oriented…

[She posted a photo of herself in front of a cardboard sign painted “RESIST!” and the comments from her friends were kind of interesting. 3 out of 4 of the female-named commenters (of course I can’t know their true gender IDs!) mentioned her appearance, e.g., “Too cute!”, “You are beautiful.”, “super cute”. Isn’t one of the complaints that #Resisting women have voiced that they don’t want to be judged based on their physical appearance?]

Readers: What did you see in terms of a Women’s March in your area?


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