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This is a “just for fun” anecdote. During my travels, I decided on a whim to see the big zoo in Vienna. Their big draw these days are their pandas, because the big mama panda just had two cubs. They were all sleeping, but I got within just a few inches of the mom: The […]
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A Bear Fund Actually Prospering

A number of weeks ago, I noticed the triple-bullish-on-real-estate fund, shown below, was breaking out of a big base, only to reverse almost instantly. This failed bullish breakout confirmed my general suspicion that, even in this new-highs-every-day environment, real estate was at risk. Let’s face it, an industry dependent uon super-cheap money can’t thrive in […]
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Is It A Bull Market Or Bear Market In Metals?

Is It A Bull Market Or Bear Market In Metals? By Avi Gilburt, First published on Saturday May 13 for members of Without fail, each and every time the metals have dropped since bottoming over a year ago, many panic and proclaim the bear market to have returned.  Moreover, many have looked to the USD as […]
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Oprah’s Happy and a Bear Market Hits the Makeup Industry! It’s the Stock Trader Weekly Recap.

A quiet grinding rally marked the week and really could be a symbol for almost all of 2017. Four days of minimal movement, led to a bit of a rally late Friday. And there was your week! The S&P 500 finished up 0.6% on the week, and the NASDAQ continues to outperform, pushing up 0.9%. The theme of the year has been very little volatility. That continued!
As of Friday, the S&P 500…

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After a Nice Bear Flag BIDU Triggers a Bull Flag Breakout

If you like trading Bull and Bear Flags as I do, you’ll probably want to look at Baidu (BIDU) right now.

First, we have a textbook bear flag pattern to study and today we have a potential bull flag trade in motion.

We have a special page for Bull and Bear Flags in our Educational section – check it out if you’re new.

Baidu (BIDU) shares plunged from the September high to form a “flag” pattern in October.

A breakdown in November set in motion the “Pole” or Measured Move (target and trade) outcome that took price straight into the pattern target at $ 160.00 per share.

A rally and reversal took place and the early January surge set in motion a “Flag” which we’re seeing now.

For reference, a Flag has three components:

The “Pole” which is the initial swing (impulse)

The “Flag” which I show with blue trendlines – like an actual flag, and

The “Measured Move” which sets up the Trade (entry) and eventual target (exit)

We can’t do much with the Pole or the actual Flag, but we can trade the breakout as price travels the “Measured Move” (which is a similar swing to what we saw from the Pole).

You can also “Copy and Paste” the Pole to the lower edge of the Flag to get your price projection target.

In this case – for the Bull Flag – it’s back to the $ 190.00 per share level.

In the event the pattern fails – any pattern can fail – place the stop either in the middle of the Flag trendlines (conservative) or under the lower Flag depending on your risk tolerance.

From there, let it run! If the pattern is successful, price will travel higher toward the target.

If not, you can take profits along the way or trigger your stop loss in the event of a “trap” and pattern fail.

Even if you’re not trading this particular stock, it will be interesting to watch what happens next!

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10-Year Yield Transitioning Out of Multi-Year Bear Market

My intermediate and longer term technical set-up work on 10-year US Treasury yield argues that benchmark yield is in transition from a 35-year bear Market (dominant downtrend) into a multi-year bull market (dominant uptrend). From 1981, when 10-year yield peaked at 15.84% amid concerns about rampant, uncontainable inflation and stagnant growth (“stagflation”) precipitated initially by […]
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