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UPDATE: I took that screen shot last night. In a shocking development, Chinese Internet giant Ten Cent announced they had taken a substantial stake in SNAP, which caused the shares to rocket to a profit (thrilling bulls and disappointing bears who were watching these events). Let’s just say this massive investment from China appears to […]
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Harvey Weinstein is the business traveler’s best friend?

Harvey Weinstein is the gift that keeps on giving for this blog. Reactions to his escapades are almost as rich a source of material as that provided by the Google heretic.

A few days ago, for example, I posted “Hollywood book idea: I went to this married guy’s hotel room and then…

The cited article is by Léa Seydoux, an actress, who implies that 100 percent of the women ultimate cast by an unnamed director she “really liked and respected” had traded sex for career advancement: “He has slept with all of the actresses he filmed.”

Ms. Seydoux says that she herself was planning to attend a non-work encounter with Mr. Weinstein in the privacy of his “hotel room”:

This was never going to be about work. He had other intentions – I could see that very clearly. … He invited me to come to his hotel room for a drink. We went up together.

The Outraged-by-Harvey Club seems unhappy with a story that begins “I went to this married guy’s hotel room in order to do something other than work.”

Here’s a comment from Neal on my post:

George A: We’re using the phrase “hotel room” in this thread, but I don’t think the image it conjures for us plebeians corresponds to the kind of suite Harvey Weinstein actually inhabited. It seems unlikely someone like Harvey Weinstein would invite an unknown extra (male or female) to a one on one. Thus, the invitation is probably to a social event in the suite’s living or dining rooms. Of course, in the scenario you don’t know this for sure.

And one from a (female) Facebooker on a friend’s posting of the Léa Seydoux article (how I found out about it):

Could you also mansplain how you would deserve to be harassed if you went to a business meeting at a hotel suite? Maybe you could mansplain how all hotels which have suites for conducting business are doing it wrong? Waiting to hear this information from a man, because of course no women could possibly know anything.

Let’s ignore for the moment that Ms. Seydoux made it explicit that her meeting in the hotel room/suite was to be an extracurricular encounter.

I’m wondering if the Harvey brouhaha is going to be liberating for people married to those who defend the shrinking female violets of Hollywood. Consider the person who is married to someone who explains the interactions between Harvey and the aspiring starlets in the above manner. He or she can fly out to a work conference, call up the spouse and say “Sweetheart, there was no good place to meet in the lobby or a breakout room so I am going up to hang out alone with an [opposite sex] executive from another company in [his/her] hotel room for a few hours. Hope you’re enjoying watching Planes with the kids for the 75th time.”

To cement Harvey Weinstein’s place in the pantheon of villainy it has become necessary to designate hotel rooms as places for opposite-sex married-to-other-people strangers to hold innocent 1-on-1 meetings. Can that designation now be used by ordinary folks who want to spice up their business trips?

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