Happy vs Mambo #5

I hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend. I know I am, and I am planning to celebrate on Monday by moving a particularly large wardrobe from my daughter’s bedroom, and replacing it with a rather nice antique desk. Life can get pretty wild at Jack’s house. I was talking about rising wedge […]
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Trade in the Happy Zone

Many traders make the mistake of trading in too many different styles, only a few of which have been sustainably successful for that particular trader. It’s much better to apply the majority of your capital to strategies that have been sustainably successful for you. In this video we draw an analogy to hitting in baseball and how swinging at the right pitches most of the time is the best formula for success.

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Trading lessons from Happy Hour

We held a traders Happy Hour last night for our proprietary trading firm.

Some of the new hires having a blast asked how often we hold Happy Hours.  And I thought, “What we don’t cover this during recruiting?”  Note to HR.

Rooming the room to check in on everyone a few trading lessons emerged:

  1. Traders were gathering and discussing new ways to make money.  As we say on our desk, how to expand your PlayBook.  The better traders were using this Happy Hour as an opportunity to brainstorm with other top traders.  One idea discussed between two top traders was something that had never been done at the firm and worthy of a deep dive.  Some more beers over here please.
  2. Some promising developing traders were using the Happy Hour as a way to review the past week.  A gaggle on the desk had two tough days followed by two very strong days.  How could they draw down less during the down days?  How could they have been bigger during the strong days?  Were they leaning too heavily to one side, rather than being more open-minded?  How is the AI run-up different than other low float runners?
  3. The most social developing traders were chatting up the top traders about trade ideas and the generation of trade ideas.  They were using the strength of their social skills to strengthen their learning.  This is a good practice for those who learn best thru interaction.  It is not just that you want to build a trading system that allows you to express your strengths in markets, but the way you work to improve ought to match your learning strengths as well.
  4. The Three Monkeys Bar has a really nice roof top bar and beer garden selection.  It was enjoyable to be outside in beautiful weather right before the chill is to come.

I had to head home to get the kids ready for bed before the end of this gathering.  My sense is I may have missed a few things that the younger traders did not.

*no relevant positions

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Happy First Day of School (and Watch Out for Killer Salmon)

Today is the first day of school for a lot of Americans. If you’re a young reader, Happy First Day of School to you. If you’re a parent, Happy First Day of Taxpayer-funded Daycare!

Here’s the latest email from our town-run facility for the pre-K crowd (most of it was bold-faced, but I removed that):

… there are students in the preschool that have severe allergies to PEANUTS, TREE NUTS and SALMON. Strict avoidance of all peanut and nut products and salmon is the only way to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. Even touching a small amount of a product or an accidental ingestion of a food product containing peanuts could result in a life-threatening situation. We are asking your assistance in providing all students with a safe learning environment.

To reduce the risk of exposure, PEANUTS, all TREE NUTS AND SALMON will NOT be allowed in the preschool this year. Please do not send any foods containing peanuts, nuts or salmon for your child to eat for snacks (morning and extended day) or for lunch in the classroom. Please read ingredients labels carefully. Any exposure to peanuts or nuts through contact or peanuts, nuts and salmon by ingestion can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction requiring emergency care.

Additionally, if your child eats or handles food that contains peanut/nut, peanut/nut oils or peanut/nut dust for breakfast on a school morning, we ask that he/she wash their hands before coming to school.

Readers: What allergies are you getting emails about? Could aggregated school letters from around the U.S. be a useful data set to track to see how Americans are evolving?


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Happy Labor Day Weekend: maybe it is better to refrain from labor

“Is Any Job Really Better Than No Job? Being out of work seems to hurt health, but so do jobs that are stressful and unrewarding.” (Atlantic) suggests that Americans who choose a lifetime of welfare (means-tested housing, means-tested health insurance, food stamps, Obamaphone, etc.) are likely rational.

So Happy Labor Day Weekend, but a lot of us should not be working!


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Oprah’s Happy and a Bear Market Hits the Makeup Industry! It’s the Stock Trader Weekly Recap.

A quiet grinding rally marked the week and really could be a symbol for almost all of 2017. Four days of minimal movement, led to a bit of a rally late Friday. And there was your week! The S&P 500 finished up 0.6% on the week, and the NASDAQ continues to outperform, pushing up 0.9%. The theme of the year has been very little volatility. That continued!
As of Friday, the S&P 500…

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Happy Hanukkah

It is 8th-night candle-lighting time here in Boston. Happy Hanukkah to those who are “practicing Jew-craft” as Trump administration appointees would presumably say.

Speaking of hate, check out the pictures below where some haters broke into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and installed an 8′-high menorah “artwork” intended to make Judaism seem incredibly lame by comparison with Christianity (see the museum’s magnificent tree). To add insult to injury, the menorah was fully lit prior to the holiday’s beginning.


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