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I’m happy to tell you about another time-saving feature in SlopeCharts – – custom keyboard shortcuts. When I use SlopeCharts (which is daily), I found that I was moving symbols from watch list to watch list constantly. This can be a very time-consuming process, quite tedious, and involving a lot of mouse clicking. So I […]
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Natural disasters another good reason to let Canada take our would-be refugees?

After two weeks on a cruise ship I’m catching up on the news. A reasonable high-level summary seems to be that Earth is trying to shake off 325 million human parasites by trashing the U.S. with hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, and other severe weather.

Back in January I wrote Why accept any refugees to the U.S. if they are welcome in Canada? after Canada offered to accept an unlimited number of refugees conditioned only on their being rejected by the U.S. I’m wondering if the idea makes more sense in light of recent weather events.

What is the value of obtaining refugee status in the U.S. only to be wiped out by a hurricane, monster thunderstorm, rising sea level, or tornado? Canada is too cold for tornadoes, big thunderstorms, and hurricanes. It is well inland and elevated from the rising seas. Most Canadian provinces should be net beneficiaries from global warming, e.g., through a longer and more productive farming season.

Not only does Canada have a far lower crime rate than the U.S., but at least central Canada seems like a far safer place from a weather risk point of view.

Readers: What do you think? If we sincerely have the best interests of refugees in mind, is it time to print up “You will be a lot safer in central Canada” signs for our borders?

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Mazda will take down Tesla?

“Mazda announces breakthrough in long-coveted engine technology” (Reuters):

The new compression ignition engine is 20 percent to 30 percent more fuel efficient than the Japanese automaker’s current engines and uses a technology that has eluded the likes of Daimler AG and General Motors Co.

A homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine ignites petrol through compression, eliminating spark plugs. Its fuel economy potentially matches that of a diesel engine without high emissions of nitrogen oxides or sooty particulates.

Mazda’s engine employs spark plugs under certain conditions, such as at low temperatures, to overcome technical hurdles that have hampered commercialization of the technology.

On a pure “energy-consumed” basis it was always tough to justify an electric car compared to putting a super-efficient diesel engine in a lightweight vehicle, right? Now it seems that Mazda will be changing the efficiency calculations. But maybe it doesn’t matter because people buy electric cars with their hearts, not their heads? (or at least governments use their hearts to hand out electric car subsidies to virtuous rich people?)

Separately, this would be truly revolutionary if it could be adapted to aircraft. People have used Mazda rotary engines in experimental planes before. Imagine this new engine in a legacy airframe, such as the Cirrus. The range could be extended from about 1000 miles to at least 1250 miles, for example (or payload increased due to the need to carry less fuel on any given trip).


  • Porsche PFM 3200 engine, about 80 of which were sold in the 1980s. This Flying Magazine review highlights the lack of vibration compared to the conventional 1950s engines, and implies that efficiency was improved by at least 20 percent (fuel capacity was reduced from 75 to 60 gallons).

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Mr. Trump: You May Not Want To Take Credit For The Stock Market Just Yet

Stock market is still bullish If you have followed my analysis through the years, you would know that I have correctly been steadfastly bullish the stock market for quite some time.   In fact, I was one of the very few who expected the market to rocket higher even after Donald Trump won the election last […]
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When can a church take down a Black Lives Matter flag?

Happy Bastille Day!

One of the richest whitest towns in the United States, Concord, Massachusetts, is next to our local airport (Hanscom Field). When I go into Concord I pass a tall white church with a “Black Lives Matter” flag out front. (I have never seen a non-white person in the vicinity of this church.)

When the congregation put up the flag, I’m wondering if they had a plan for when the flag can be taken down.

Surely nobody is going to step forward and say “We don’t care about black lives anymore, so let’s have a ‘No human being is illegal’ or rainbow flag instead,” right?

If someone says “African-Americans are doing better than white Americans, so we can take the flag down,” that can always be refuted with at least one statistic on which white Americans are doing better (I don’t think this is true for Asian-Americans!). In any case, the typical member of the congregation would have virtually no contact with black Americans and therefore wouldn’t have any direct personal experience to offer.

Will we therefore find a descendant of that flag 100 years from now?

[Separately, last weekend I flew a helicopter tour for a couple of African-American local college students who’d bought a Groupon from East Coast Aero Club. As we flew over downtown Concord I pointed out the flag in as neutral tone as I could muster. The passengers broke into fits of laughter.]

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It May Take More Time For A True Breakout in Metals

By Avi Gilburt, ElliottWaveTrader.net First published on Saturday April 8 for members of ElliottWaveTrader.net:    I have read in many places on the Internet that the metals have certainly broken out.  But, as you know, I am not quite convinced.  Now, that does not mean I am bearish.  It just means I still think there could be more […]
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Americans terrified of losing government regulations that have yet to take effect

A few weeks ago I wrote about Americans who are terrified that they can’t live without relatively new government handouts: End-of-Obamacare fears a good illustration of why government has to grow?

Here in Beaver Creek, Colorado, a subset of the millionaires can fairly be characterized as Millionaires for Obama. Recent conversations have included them expressing their horror, after reading the New York Times, that coal companies will now be able to dump unprecedented amounts of filth into America’s rivers. An example article seems to be “Republicans Move to Block Rule on Coal Mining Near Streams”. If you read the article carefully and also follow a link to the Federal Register you can learn that this rule was promulgated in December 2016 and never took effect. You would also learn that it was Congress rather than the Trumpenfuhrer who killed it. However, the Democrats here in Beaver Creek had the idea that a regulation that had been in place for decades had been revoked by King Donald I. They were preparing to find a whole new world of pollution any time that they visited the Midwest (i.e., never).

Regarding something that Trump actually did, the visiting and local Democrats had read “Trump Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students” and concluded that we were in a whole new and unfamiliar world of hatred. The Times story was in the news section, not the editorial one, but the journalists give a misleading impression that the feds telling local school districts how to run their bathrooms was the policy throughout the Obama Administration (8 years) when in fact it was closer to 8 months. For most of the Obama Administration, and indeed at any time from 1635 through 2015, a public school could do whatever they thought best.

For both the coal mining/river and bathroom policy issues the country would simply be living under the regulations that prevailed during 2010 when Obama was in the White House and Democrats controlled Congress. Yet the idea of returning to a slightly less regulated time filled at least some wealthy and degreed Americans with terror.

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Take a Look at that Emini Fibonacci Reversal Today Oct 27

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We’ve seen gaps into key levels this week and intraday reversal at corresponding reversal levels.

For example, today’s gap-up through 2,139 reversed rapidly for a sell-swing down toward our 2,128 level.

So far, we’re seeing another sharp intraday reversal up away from 2,128.  We’re still in a tiny rectangle.

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