The Weekend Trader – Tools for Your Toolbox

Yes, we’re back to WEEKLY installments of the Weekend Trader, the momentum of which I plan to continue to give traders weekly perspectives during their R&R (& R for Reading).

Today’s column focuses on some of my favorite tools and perspectives, using a combination of new and existing “building material”, with relevant links noted below the video.

Lastly, I remind us what these tools are … and more importantly … are not.

So enjoy your third “R”.

This past week’s CNFT Trading Webinar by Charlie Cochran

Dr. Alexander Elder’s “The New Trading for a Living”

Viewer Choice and Personal Favorite Posts from the Past including the Chinese Bamboo Tree, Lessons from John Wooden, and a post containing 10 additional links including the video I posted right after the May 2010 Flash Crash

That infamous “There’s no Crying in Trading” Flash Crash post.

Subsequent post-crash weekend perspective.

The Svithjod Rock post (from the original diary blog!) which was also syndicated for use by the NY Trading Expo.  Note other key post inks in the lower left margin.

The Jazz Trader post, also from the original blog and syndicated by MoneyShow.

My personal inspiration from four years ago that still gives me chills … posted shortly after the 2010 Flash Crash.

Not-So-Shameless Plug for Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader with 100% of proceeds supporting World Vision

Don Miller’s S&P Trading Tank

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